Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Days Song Challenge

I found this in FB by a friend who is participating. I find it interesting, but just too lazy to wait 30 days to complete it. I decided to sum it all n put it in my blog NOW!! So this is more like a 30 minutes challenge then a 30 days one. hehe...

Day 1 - My Favourite Song: Lonestar - Amazed

This one of my all time favorites... Whenever I hear it, I wish a guy would serenade to me. It's so so sweet and meaningful.

Day 2 - My Least Favourite Song: Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls

Honestly... right up til now I still don't know why I hate this song so much. But every time I listen to it, I feel like smashing the speakers.javascript:void(0)

Day 3 - A Song That Makes Me Happy: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Loved this song. Period.

Day 4 - A Song That Makes Me Sad: Michael Jackson - Earth Song

This song is just so damn depression induced. Don't get me wrong though... I love this song, but its just sad when you sit and drown yourself in the meaning of this song, it just get you thinking. What is human doing to earth...

Day 5 - A Song That Reminds You of Someone: Jay Chou - Shan Hu Hai

It reminds me of someone who unfortunately did not leave a very nice impression on me. Damn it!! I loveD it song!!

Day 6 - A Song That Reminds Me of Somewhere: Jay Chou - Qi Li Xiang

Reminds me of the Alpha group friends gathering (possibly the ONLY gathering). It was at Xuan cafe. I requested for this song, and everyone sing along!!

Day 7 - A Song That Reminds Me of an Event: BEP - I've Gotta Feeling

HR Night 2009, GHR. I listen to this song so damn many times while they practiced their dance... It's stuck in my head ever since. I can't even listen to it wholly now...

Day 8 - A Song That I Know All of the Words To: Jay Chou - An Jing

there are many and i mean MANY songs that I know the lyrics to. But only one that I am most proud of (at this moment). Only because I am a banana (chinese with no mandarin background) and I took some time to learn this song. Of cause with the hep of pin yin =P

Day 9 - A Song I Can Dance To: Flo Rida & T-Pain - Low

I loved, danced, partied and clubbed with this song!! Haven't heard it in a long time... Oh how I miss clubbing!!

Day 10 - A Song I Fall Asleep To: Eminem & Dido - Stan

Well, truth to be told, I don't fall asleep, but I get bored... somehow...

Day 11 - A Song From My Favorite Band: Bon Jovi - Always

Another all time favorite, every time it plays... my heart cheers...

Day 12 - A Song From a Band I Hate: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

I never liked this band... that's all.

Day 13 - A Song That is a Guilty Pleasure: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - On The Floor

This song... just give me the drive to get things done. Motivation... Momentum... something like that...

Day 14 - A Song That No One Would Expect Me to Like: Hokkien Oldies - Tan Bo Lang

hehe... would you have guest that I am a sucker for Hokkien oldies?

Day 15 - A Song That Describes Me: Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of The Heart

I love this songs. It is true that I am always in the dark. I dpn't know why, but I prefer to bottle up my feelings. I know it is hard to believe. But that's most of me on the inside.

Day 16 - A Song I used to Like but Now Hate: Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All

Just hate it now... because the song is just so wrong...

Day 17 - A Song You Always Hear on the Radio: User - OMG

Seriously... omg!! Enough already!!

Day 18 - A Song you Wish You Would Hear on the Radio: Bruno Mars - Marry You

I love this song so damn much!! Really wish they would play it on radio and make an official video for it!!

Day 19 - A Song From My Favourite Album:

This is one of my favorite songs from my favorite album(s). On top of that, This song means so much to me.

Day 20 - A Song I Listen to when I'm Angry: Adam Lambert - Whattaya Want From Me

Haha!! I want to dedicate this song to my boss...

Day 21 - A Song I Listen to When I'm Happy: Katy Perry - Firework

This song can only be summed up into one word... INSPIRATIONAL

Day 22 - A Song I Listen to When I'm Sad: Eminem, Dre & Skylar - I Need A Doctor

This song can cheer me up.

Day 23 - A Song to Play at My Wedding: Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand

I love this song... it means so much to 2 people in love. Definitely will be the song for my 1st dance.

Day 24 - A Song to Plat at My Funeral: Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey - One Sweet Day

This is a weird choice... hahaha!! anyway, I feel this song is a good song to remember the departed loved ones...

Day 25 - A Song That Makes Me Laugh: Cee Lo Green - Fuck You

XD I love this song~

Day 26 - A Song I can Play on an Instrument: Extreme - More Than Words

Actually I use to be able to play this on the guitar... But, I have forgotten how to =P

Day 27 - A Song You Wish You Could Play: Timbaland & One Republic - Apologize

I heard a friend play this song on the piano once. It was so beautiful. I do wish that I can do the same.

Day 28 - A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty: T.A.T.U - Gomenasai

I literally want to say GOMENASAI to him... OMG!! I feel so guilty for all the pain I had once caused him...

Day 29 - A Song From My Childhood: The Moffatts - I'll be There For You

I used to be be such a huge ass fan of this boy band!!! I was litterally going all goooo goooo gaaaa gaaaa for them. Sadly they disbanded

Day 30 - My Favourite Song Last Year: Eminem & Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

I listened to this song repeatedly for months, I never grew bored. It had been a long time since I was this crazy of a song. I even went all out and searched the live version of it as well as downloaded the video clip.

There you have it!! My list of songs that suits my mood in a given day. =P

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Evolution of the Diving Gup ~ =P

The war in my head before the 1st dive...

*I want to do it!! It can be fun!!*
*Oh my god... I can't swim lei... how ar?*
*What!!? Water? How WILL I survive???* 
*No no no... I can do it!! i MUST do it!!*
*I hate myself for putting me in this damn situation!!*
*What if I panic? My god... my god... my GOD!!* 
*Chill lar Leo!! you can do it!! Look at all your friends already in the water!!*
*What have I gotten myself into!!*
*Oh no it's my turn... oh no oh no oh no*
*Chill chill chill... you can you can you can*

Reality voice (Instructor): Come on!!

*EEEeeep Errgh!! Oh noooooo.........*

Me: I can't, if I really can't do this, can I quit? I don't mind sitting on the boat and wait... *fingers crossed*

Instructor: NO!! You can't quit... you are coming down!!

Me: =S  ...   -.-  ... ok...


But after 4 days...

It's truly the best thing I've ever dared to force myself to try...

The ocean is vast and wide, filled with beautiful life that you do not see normally. Being so close to the wilderness truly change my perception on life. To be a bit cheesier, it's like diving had given me a new breath.

The Travelling Gup is now officially a Travelling DIVING Gup

Go try it if you had not... Seriously...